In Kolkata, weddings are celebrated with zeal and are all about colors, pom, guest, sangeet, Mehandi, and the endless romance that fills the air. Numerous rituals are followed, marking the beginning of a new relationship.

But, these episodes are time-bound, and the only thing that will remain forever are the memories and the photographs capturing them. Thus, wedding photographs are considered to be timeless, capturing the most important day in anyone’s life. 

You can hire reputed wedding photographers in Kolkata who can help you relive these moments again.

So, it is very much essential to do your research when choosing a wedding photographer who matches your sense of style and quality. Let’s guide you with the checkpoints.

1. Portfolio of the photographers

This is the first checkpoint that gives you an overall idea about the photographer and his team. Go through the portfolio website to understand the way the images are being captured. This will also help you get an idea about the variety of skills and styles he is equipped with. 

Go through previous work and comprehend how the personalities and happy moments are captured. Please get to know whether they are ready to customize according to your idea or frame that you want. 

2. Check their personality 

Mostly it is imperative to understand whether their company makes you feel comfortable. You must stay relaxed and content on your best day so that the pictures come out to be a bucket list for others. 

Get to know them, fix 3-4 meetings and sessions. Also, find out whether your guest is comfortable around them. This ensures capturing a genuine smile or a candid picture, which will be the treasure of any wedding album.

3. Discuss the budget

This is yet another crucial factor as you should not compromise for low-quality pictures even after paying a high price. Understand the techniques used for editing and get to know their pricing structure. Also, go through the sample pictures accordingly. 

You must be clear about your budget and get to know the services you are expecting and what is included in the package. Ask about the additional charges such as editing, VAT, and creative photoshoot or travel and food expenses.

4. Experience

Experience plays a very monumental factor in any wedding photography. Wedding photographers need to manage the entire situation and often entertain children to get the best shot. 

Also, team playing, coordination, and mastering the skills of convincing are equally important to capture photography. They need to coordinate with your guest and so, they must be humble and polite in nature.

5. Product

The quality, style, and choice of products photographers offer will differ dramatically. It’s important when meeting with your photographer, that you see some examples of their products and know what’s included in your package before booking. If you want images only, then ask how many images you will receive. Will they be on a USB or do you have to download them? Will they be edited? Will you get an online gallery to share with your family and friends? And if albums are important to you, then ask to see samples and talk through the different styles and options available to you.

6. Book as soon as Possible

Just like wedding venues, a talented wedding photographer also books out quite quickly. We’d recommend locking in a wedding photographer as soon as you have decided on your wedding venue that way you will have some options and you’ll find a photographer who suits your style and budget.

7. Verify the client reviews

Go through the website of the photography team and always check the recommendations and client reviews section. You can even get in touch with the previous clients personally and ask them to share their personal experiences. Or, you can also ask for testimonials from the photography team.


Do not forget to ask the photographer about their booking time and the time allotted for your wedding. Above all, you need to trust them and enjoy and let the magic work on its own. Visit Capture IND and join with the best wedding photographer.

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