Weather in Pakistan and other respective countries will get warmer by the day. Some cities are hotter than others. It means you need to find a home that has spacious outdoor space for you and your family for late summer evenings and enjoy a good barbecue or a family dinner – outside. 

So as the spring is ending and summer is around the bend you should start looking at plots for sale in royal orchard Multan right away. After all, you need a home big enough so that you can enjoy the full benefit of the backyard with the company. 

If you are lucky enough to find 10 marla or 1 Kanal plots then here’s what you can do to enjoy the outdoor space in your new home! 

1- Create lounge space 

Nothing beats the lounge space in the outdoor space. Begin by setting up the outdoor lounge space either on the patio or in the yard (for a tropical vibe). You can surf the internet to find the best lounge chairs, chaise lounges, or even hammocks to create a perfect lounge space. 

You can also use the futon mattress, and outdoor fabric to cover the hammock and pop up the vibrant colors!  

2- Outdoor movie theatre

Want to try an in-drive movie theatre experience? Surely, those are the best times you can watch a movie outdoors. Why not recreate the outdoor theatre experience in your backyard? It’s not such a complicated DIY project at all. All you need is a white sheet or comfortable futon mattress. Place it under a shed or the patio (whatever is available in your case). Take out the projector and your phone to play your favorite movies or shows. 

Don’t be sad if you do not have a projector. You can build a custom projector out of a shoebox using cardboard and magnifying glass! 

3- Cool barn 

One of the most underrated utilitarian structures of a home in the barn. It doesn’t mean one cannot spice things up and do something about it. Painting a shed with bold colors, and adding some shutters with the mix of flower boxes will do a good job for you. 

As long as you are focusing on building the coolest barn, install the stone path too along with the string lights hanging above. 

4- Build a fire pit 

Camping is not such a fascinating subject if you are scared to be out in the woods. But camping in the backyard? That sounds fun! You do not need to miss out on the campaign activity when feeling too tired to travel. That’s why building a fire pit works just fine for multiple reasons. Camping happens to be one of those reasons! 

You can buy a prefab fire bowl if you are not up for putting a whole lot of effort to create the fire pit. A cozy campfire is just what you need to enjoy the late evenings in your home. 

5- Alfresco dining spot 

People in Pakistan love the idea of sitting on the lawn for tea-time. With kids playing around and elders sipping on their teas is much of a tradition. 

Similarly, an outdoor dinner in the backyard with a patio table and chairs can do the trick for you. You can add string lights, place a scented candle on the table and transform a boring meal into a pleasant one. 

6- Mediation zone (much needed) 

Fitness freaks are usually looking for major spots they can use to meditate or exercise. If indoors is not an option for you, why not make the most of the outdoor space? Sometimes it’s better to do the yoga or kegel exercises in the outdoor meditation zone. 

Plant the meditation zone with calming scents. Lavender and jasmine are my favorites when meditating. 

7- Small open kitchen 

There’s nothing better than spending your time in an outdoor kitchen, perfect for the barbecue night. You can also plan a not-so-fancy open-pit dinner and invite the guests over. The outdoor space for an open kitchen can be used creatively in a crafty way. 

For instance, you can use cinder blocks, use concrete glue, and 1×6 boards to create a repurpose shelf! 


There are plenty of ways for you to enjoy the outdoor space. Any of these ideas would work wonderfully especially if you are living in Pakistan. The locals adore the outdoor space whether it’s a lawn, backyard, or terrace you can make the most out of. 

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