If you are planning to repaint your home interior, definitely you have to choose a paint colour. Choosing a paint colour for the interior is definitely a difficult decision. This is why asking for help from expert painters in Perth is always a good choice. 

Interior paint colours either make the place aesthetic and enjoyable for living or break a living space. So, it is important to take assistance from residential painters in Perth. Expert painters know about paint and its features that’s why most people hire painting contractors in Perth for help.

The right choice of interior paint colour creates transition and flow from one room to another room. On the other hand, a wrong choice of colour makes a place lifeless. Moreover, selecting the right interior colours can breathe life into your space.

Follow the trends

Interior painting trends change from time to time. So, it is better to be up-to-date on contemporary painting trends. If you are not aware of trends, you can take assistance from expert painters in Perth.

Whether you hire services of painting contractors in Perth, still you need to know about paint colours, so you give your idea.

According to the latest trends, we have brought some amazing interior paint colours that can make the space breathe into life.

Trend no.1 Pantone “Very Pery”

Pantone very pery is on the top of the trend among the best interior colours of 2022. This colour has been as declared the official colour of the year 2022.

  • Symbolises the global zeitgeist 

Pantone colour symbolises the global zeitgeist. It means this colour affects intellectuality, climate and morality.

  • Desirable for home

Unlike other colours, this colour has something special that people are crazy about it. Painters in Perth recommend this colour for home interiors as well as for the workplace. Because this colour is to open up yourself to new possibilities and realities of life.

  • Painters in Perth recommend Pantone colour for bedrooms.

This colour is obviously for wall painting, especially for children’s bedroom. Its richest shades of periwinkle blue with a vivid tone of red create definitely an aesthetic look.

Trend no. 2 Cool min colour- a soft green touch

Because of the pandemic in 2022, most people wanted greenery in their houses. Because green has an element of nurturing so it can make a place safe and peaceful. Moreover, if you want to live in a healthy space to live in a positive mood all the time, you can put this colour on the interior walls.

  • Pair up with hues

To give an aesthetic touch to your interior wall, you can add hues of green with this colour. The popularity of green colour is much in the demand in homes and offices as well in 2022.

Moreover, you can add texture and pair up with the plants. The green colour looks great with the rustic finishes and woven furniture.

Trend no. 3 Rich browns and Rusty reds

Expert painters in Perth offer unique and eye-catchy colours for interior walls. If you listen to them and pay attention to their recommendation, you can make your home appealing.

Moreover, if you want to keep your sentiments out of sustainability, you should definitely go with rustic colours like brown and red.

  • Top of the trend

Rustic red and rich brown shads of colour are top of the trend in 2022. These colours are usually appropriate for bedrooms, but you can put these colours on a single wall in the living room.

Trend no. 4 The magic of blue beyond

You should always go with energetic hues like blue. Make your space breathable to enjoy the pleasures of life. Energetic colours like blues definitely affect mood swings. The colour of the ocean and the sky always live in our lives.

  • Bring radiant and positive feelings

Do you feel relaxed and energetic under the sky and seaside? Most people feel positive when they are around blues and feel radiant and happy.

Therefore, using blue colours on interior walls has always been a good choice. This is among the colours which are on the top of the trend. So, it’s better to use these hues for your home interior.

Trend no. 5 violet shades

If you want to give your interior twilight and alluring beauty, you should definitely choose the shades of violets. Elegant subtle shades of violets bring magical effects to your interior. This is why its colour is on the top of the trends to give your place a perfect sophisticated look.

The colour affects the mood

Most people don’t believe that but it’s true “ The right color= the good impression”. The colour of the place affects mood. So, make an informed decision before painting your interior place. Professional painters in Perth know each detail about which paint is suitable for a specific place. Therefore, it is necessary to take help from them. Otherwise, your investment can get wasted.


The popularity of the paint colours increases each year. Moreover, the trend of paint colours changes over time. It is recommended to get insights about the latest trends that are preferred. Although, this article covers the trendy interior paint colours that can turn your lifeless place breathable.

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