With each passing day, complex web designs are taking a backseat and simple designs are gaining more and more significance. Gone are the days when creating a complicated website with extensive features was how web designers showcased their skills. Now, the real skill is in creating websites that have all the necessary elements but are still simple in design and style. Now, the question is what is the reason behind this obvious shift? The answer is the many benefits that a simple web design brings to the picture. So, to get more clarity, let’s hear from our web designers in Point Cook 5 reasons to keep your web design simple.

1. Lesser Loading Time

Imagine you click the link to a website and it takes a lot of time to load, what you would simply do is skip and move to the next option. And when that happens, you are literally sending your potential customers to your competitor’s website. According to a recent study, for 70% of consumers, website loading time influences their probability of engaging with a business and therefore, reducing the loading time of your website to the maximum possible extent is of key importance. And this is what a simple web design aids you in. The simpler the web design, the faster the website loads. By removing all the unnecessary design elements like too many pop-ups, too many web pages, you can significantly reduce your website’s loading time. As web designers in Point Cook, this is a tip that we live by.

2. Help Create a Better User Experience

A simple web design is gaining more importance because of the user-friendliness that it brings to the picture and for every web designer, user-friendliness is of utmost importance.

  • As we mentioned above, the lesser the loading time, the more user-friendly the website is and a simple website stands tall on this ground.
  • For 94% of website users, navigability is an important criterion. The easier it is for them to find what they are looking for, the more likely they are to engage with the business and a simple website being easy to navigate will therefore enhance your conversion rate.

That is exactly how a simple web design helps create a user-friendly website and that is also the reason why you should opt for a simple web design for your website. So, create a better user experience for all your potential clients with our web design services in Point Cook and Castle Hill.

3. Simple Websites Have a Better Conversion Rate

As modern innovations are bent on making our lives easier, all things modern are meant to be easy to use and if your website doesn’t fulfil this criterion it will definitely lag behind in this modern race. And therefore a simple website is the way to go. Simply because if a potential customer visits your website and it is not easy to navigate and is cluttered with too much of everything, then they would simply not want to engage with it any further. And in case they have a good experience scrolling through your website they would be more likely to switch from being visitors to customers. And your conversion rate would increase visibly.

Also, as web designers in Castle Hill, we know for a fact that a simple website is better for SEO. Websites with simple structures and designs are easy for search engines like Google to crawl and understand. This means more the possibility of your website ranking high on SERPs and therefore more people would visit your website and more would be the conversion rate.

4. A simple Website is Mobile-friendly

In 2021, 54.4% of global internet traffic came from smartphones. With the visible growth in the Smartphone market and the ease of search that it offers, this number is going to increase considerably in the near future. And this brings forth the need for a mobile-friendly website which all the web designers in Point Cook or any area for that matter are very well aware of. And a simple website aids you in creating a mobile-friendly website. The less cluttered a website is, and the simpler the design, the easier it will be for the website to work well across all devices, especially smartphones.

5. Enhances Your Website’s Ranking

If a website doesn’t rank high on search engines, your website would simply fail at its purpose of enhancing the visibility of your brand and a web designer would never want that to happen. 92% of internet users never go beyond the first page of the search engine and the first organic search result on SERPs receives the maximum visits. So, ranking high is how you ensure that all your potential customers make it to your website. But how do you rank higher on search engines? And that too organically? By creating a simple website.

Some key ranking factors of google are:

  • Page Speed
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Navigability
  • User Friendliness

As we have already discussed, a simple website design helps you to create websites that load faster, are easy to navigate, and are mobile-friendly and user friendly. So, no need to add anything further about how a simple web design could help you enhance your website’s ranking.

These are the 5 major reasons to keep your web design simple. Now that you are well aware of the reasons and are convinced in favour of a simple website for your business, the next step is to get in touch with our web designers in Point Cook and Castle Hill and have them craft the perfect website for you.

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