While some aches and pains are bearable, it’s difficult to get over back pain because it’s always present. Sometimes, lower back ache is so serious that you can’t even get comfortable on the sofa or bed. How do you alleviate lower back ache when it’s affecting everyday life?

Firstly, it’s always best to get medical attention in serious cases. As well as suggesting many solutions present in this guide, they will also explore the deeper problem.

Here are Five Easy Ways to Combat Lower back ache!

Change Your Posture

In some cases, back pain is caused by poor posture – this could be when standing, walking, or, more likely when sitting. If you spend all day sitting in an office chair, poor posture has the potential to cause lots of discomforts. If you slouch, for example, it puts excess pressure on your shoulders and back. Over time, this causes long-term problems.

As well as changing your posture and sitting upright, speak to your manager to ask for an ergonomic chair (especially if you spend long periods sitting in your job!).

Change Your Habits

Another common cause of lower back ache is your habits in life – this can include a sedentary lifestyle or a lack of exercise. The longer you sit, the more this stresses the spine. However, standing doesn’t automatically fix the problem because standing in one place for too long can also cause health issues. Instead, move around and try to lead a more active lifestyle.

Stop Smoking

Although this falls under the category of changing your habits, it’s such a serious one that it deserves a section of its own. In a recent study, just under 12% of all Australians over the age of 15 were considered smokers. This habit causes all sorts of problems for the body and brings absolutely no benefits, yet it’s a habit that many people struggle to give up.

Why is smoking bad for your back? Because nicotine can reduce blood flow in the spine. As the spine receives less blood, it is more vulnerable to injury. As well as drying out, the spine can also rupture and crack. Not only does smoking reduce blood flow, but it also reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood, so it’s a double negative effect.

Use Arch Support Insoles

Did you know that your choice of footwear can cause lower back ache? That’s right – the problem for most people is pressure distribution. With arch support insoles, weight is distributed more effectively, and this reduces pain in high-pressure areas. With the right insoles, they will contour to your feet, provide stabilisation, and reduce stress both in your feet and your lower back.

Soon enough, you will have a natural walking style and the position of your feet will reduce the pressure on your back. Although a simple change, this is one of the most effective options. Just think about the amount of time you spend on your feet and walking around. If you slouch, for example, it puts excess pressure on your shoulders and back. Over time, this causes long-term problems.

Stretch Daily

Finally, you should also think about stretching each day. With some simple stretches, you can improve the blood flow to your spine and enjoy some movement after a full day of remaining in the same position. As circulation improves, you should notice a difference in the aches and strains that you experience.

If you want to combat lower back ache, these five tips are both simple and effective. Why not get started and combine all five today? Soon enough, you should notice a difference in your lower back pain without relying on painkillers and other medication!

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