Cute face, great shape, supple skin….wait, wait a minute, were those yellowish teeth? Oh my goodness,you could pass for a star but for that teeth! Nearly every young and some older adults want to dazzle. But without healthy teeth, all other fine features will just be a waste. Would you not rather correct a poor smile to go along with your other beautiful attributes? Did I hear a yes? Comeon then, let’s share some secrets to enjoying optimal teeth and gum health.

The following 12 tips are just what your mouth needs to stay healthy:

1. Stay soda free

With all its goodness and flavour, can you really resist soda? If you love your teeth, you will try to stay away from or at least limit your consumption of soda. Most people turn to soda as their noonday dose of sweetness. However, the danger lurks behind the sugar and preservatives used in this drink. You can switch that soda craving for a clean, fresh water bottle or a quick walk around your office to boost your brain. Water is even a more refreshing drink than any other so going for more water is better.

2. Visit the dentist for examination often

But why? “I don’t have any dental problem,” you may query. If you value your mouth and its function, you will ensure you visit the dentist two times a year to have your teeth examined and cleaned out. Experts even advise that at-home dental hygienists and health practices alone will not suffice to keep oral problems at bay. You will not know when a dental problem is brewing, except a dentist gets to examine your teeth. Early diagnosis of dental issues will make you spend less and keep the issue from becoming worse. So, schedule that dental check-up today and see what you’ve missed!

3. Floss regularly

Don’t forget to floss as you finish brushing your teeth. This should be included in your everyday dental hygiene practice. The remaining two surfaces of the teeth that brushing cannot clean are where flossing thrives. Flossing will remove those food particles trapped between teeth. You will be surprised at the amount of debris that will come out of your mouth even after a thorough brushing when you floss. This can be done once a day but consistently.

4. Brush well

Teeth brushing is not as simple as most people think. Brushing is good. But brushing the right way is better! And here’s how:

  • Hold your toothbrush against your gum at an angle of 45 degrees. Then, carefully brush your teeth with a circular motion.
  • Brush the front, back and chewing surfaces of your teeth.
  • Brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes twice daily.

5. Don’t eat sugary foods

This warning about sugary foods and drinks and teeth health is very important. The sugar you eat is what bacteria feed on and releases acids that tear away at your enamel. Of course, your body needs sugar, but it should be in moderate amounts. You will be exposing your teeth to damage if you keep eating more and more sugar. Instead of sweets, eat vegetables like carrots rich in fibre and water – a natural teeth cleaner. Apples are also a good substitute. Just don’t hurt your teeth because of the desire for sugar-coated foods and beverages all the time.

6. Clean your tongue

The tongue is in the mouth together with the teeth and gums, and it aids in swallowing. So, as you brush your teeth, brush your tongue carefully to remove plaque. This guarantees fresh breath, but it also keeps your mouth healthy.

7. More water, please

Water tends to quench that desire for some sugar-flavoured drinks like soda. As you drink more water, your body and mouth are constantly hydrated; your skin tone improves, and you’ll have a full stomach.

8. Keep your teeth safe

If you and your kids enjoy playing sports, you must shield your teeth the way you protect your limbs and head. How? Use a mouthguard. This device will prevent teeth damage if there’s a blow to your face.

9. Carefully select your toothbrush

Don’t just buy anything resembling a toothbrush and feel it will give results while brushing. While the best toothbrush may not be the most expensive, a cheap one isn’t good either. If you should get a toothbrush, pick one with small bristles that can access the nooks and crannies of your molars – food debris can simply take shelter in these parts.

10. Switch toothbrush

Have the head of your toothbrush changed every 3 to 4 months. But if the bristles are worn out, you may switch your toothbrush much earlier. It would be best if you also changed your toothbrush after recovering from a health condition.

11. Cutback on snacking late in the night

For those that brush twice a day, you mustn’t ruin this very useful practice by snacking after your last brushing. Doing so will cause sugar that breeds bacteria to settle on your teeth till the next morning. If you must snack at night, please brush again after doing so before you sleep.

12. Mouthwash, mouthwash, mouthwash

The right mouthwash has a lot of benefits. Mouthwash is an easy to use and functional method of achieving fresh breath, keeping cavities and tartar accumulation at bay, and eliminating bacteria that encourage plaque and gingivitis to develop.

Oral care at Dental Hygienist London

If you think healthy teeth are worth a try, don’t hesitate to schedule your dental hygiene appointment at our practice and see the difference we can bring to your health. We have and are still helping many patients maintain or win back their oral health. Our dental team is friendly and understanding, and our dentists are professionally trained to care for dental health. You have nothing to lose when you come to us for oral care.

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